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Our main rule is to provide the oil and moisture balance of the skin correctly. There are no blood vessels in the epidermis, which we call the upper skin. In general, we can define the cells here as dead or half-dead. Moreover, these cells renew themselves every 28 days.

The upper skin, that is, the part of the skin that we touch with our hands, is nourished by the body's own fat. A correct oil ratio prevents the spread of psoriasis in the body. In case of excessive increase in oil, in other words, in case of contamination of the body, people need a bath. So, in which months and how often should this bath rate be in psoriasis patients? Whether the patient receives treatment with us or not, we do not limit the bathroom in the summer months, that is, in the months when the weather is hot and sweating is high. However, taking a bath every day, especially in the winter months when there is no sweating, takes the oil out of the skin. The skin dries quickly and cracks. This causes a rapid increase in psoriasis lesions. While it does not limit the number of baths on days when the weather is hot and sweating is plentiful in the summer (a person can even take a bath 2 or 3 times a day in summer), it is essential for our patients to take a bath at least once every 2 days during the cold winter months when the weather is cold.

Since frequent bathing in the winter months increases the drying and cracking of the skin, it increases psoriasis, even if it is quality products that we recommend. Dr. Mehmet İlteber Bahadır said that the frequency of bathing, which we have explained above, is an essential condition that patients receiving treatment in our clinic should comply with and added. We can also apply this to all patients who follow us from the outside.