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Who is Dr. Mehmet İlteber Bahadır?

We have been offering our services in our center for over nine years to the patients whose upper skins are ruptured due to chronical eczema psoriasis, lichen planus, ichthyosis and etc. In this time period of 11 years, approximately 1000 patient has been treated and applied skin care. Our treatment’s success rate has increased significantly when compared to early years and now it is close to 100%. We tell every patient who came to our clinic that we will not give up on them until we make their skin clear.

In our center we have been serving patients with disintegration of the upper skin sections such as psoriasis, chronic eczema, lichen planus, ichthyosis for about 11 years. During this period, ozone and mesotherapy programs were applied annually for about 1000 of our patients. The period of treatment for our patients is from 3-6 months. After 6 months of treatment patients are under control for 2 years.During this time we draw up an individual skin care program for each patient. One of our most important features is that our skin care and treatment program has no side effects. Patients who are in Turkey once every 4 months, come for a control examination for 2 years. In our treatment for our patients we apply intestinal detox and a probiotic diet. For patients who live abroad through the Whatsapp application, we monitor their condition and the process of treatment.
Our patients are coming from Europe (mainly England, Germany, Bulgaria), from Asia (mainly Korea and Azerbaijan) and from Arab countries such as Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Dubai and Kuwait.

We appeared as guests on almost 1000 TV shows until now together with our patients. Main news bulletin of the most prestigious TV channels mentioned about us and our patients. We published numerous medical articles.We published photos of almost 1000 cured patients in the last nine years. We also have more than 1000 female patients whose photos we haven’t shared.  We are a leading treatment and follow up center in our country and in the world when it comes to curing the patients suffering from chronical eczema psoriasis, lichen planus, ichthyosis and etc.

I personally involve to every new patient. We make three months of treatment plan. We have another appointment at the end of this period. At the end of these three months, when patient’s lesions were completely cured, we prepare a skin care and follow-up program which will continue for two years. Our specialists always give their 7/24 support to the patients whose treatments are finished. We follow our abroad patients who couldn’t attend their regular checks by photos sent via WhatsApp. We think we are alone up there at what we do. We are one of the most respected centers with our experience and applications. You can completely trust us and our work.  Thanks in advanced and take care of yourselves.

Thousands of patients have been cured with us.

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How should patients use creams for body and wound care?

Dr. Mehmet İlteber Bahadır especially warns that psoriasis likes dry skin and cold weather. In cold weather, the rate of sweating and lubrication on the skin decreases. The skin cracks and this is the main reason for the increase in the lesions of psoriasis patients during the winter months.

Perfect cream application

The main function of our skin is to protect our body from external factors, light, dust and various living organisms. Our upper skin acts as an uninterrupted barrier between the outside world and our body.In case of contact of external factors with the body, various allergic reactions and infections may develop. In the lesioned areas of psoriasis patients, this barrier is impaired and cannot perform its main function.

Does frequent bathing increase psoriasis?

Stating that there are certain conditions that a patient must comply with, whether he is being treated in our clinic in Istanbul or in other clinics, Dr. Mehmet İlteber Bahadır said that our main rule is to ensure the correct oil and moisture balance of the skin and continued as follows.

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    Ichthyosis Disease

    Keratinization is the transformation of the underlying epidermal cells into hard, shield-like corneocytes that cause the uppermost stratum corneum to act as a barrier ...


    Psychological stress and distress may trigger the psoriasis among certain people who have a tendency, or may lead to an increase of the current rashes ...

    Eczema Disease

    Being called also as Atopic Dermatitis (AD), eczema is characterized by very dry and itchy skin, and it is a non-contagious skin inflammation ...

    Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

    It is characterized by lesions with erythema and squama on the seborrheic regions like scalp, back of ear, eyebrow roots or as we call it, T region, sides of nose, chin and front side of the chest ...

    Lichen Planus

    Psychological stress and distress may trigger the psoriasis among certain people who have a tendency, or may lead to an increase of the current rashes ...

    Psoriasis, eczema, rheumatism, hashimoto's thyroid, ulcerative colitis, ankylosing spondylitis are sister diseases

    Psoriasis and Eczema are systemic disorders originating from the Immune System and paving the way for other immune diseases. Most of these patients are likely to have rheumatic complaints sooner. Actually, %60 of our psoriasis patients, over the age of 40, faces rheumatism in a few years, if a treatment has not been initiated. Even 2nd, 3rd and 4th sibling diseases can be added to the list over time.

    On the other hand, curing psoriasis lesions alone is not enough. Although psoriasis does not recur in most of these patients, the rate of rheumatism, ankylosing spondylitis, systemic lupus erythramatosus, Hashimoto’s thyroid, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease is quite high. All of these diseases originate from the Immune System and are siblings of each other. Patients must be examined and controlled in terms of their immune system. If any of these ever appear, the others will be added to the list over time. For this reason, a follow-up period of at least 2 years is essential in psoriasis or eczema patients, even if the lesions do not heal or relapse.